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Davinci Resolve / Card Flip Generator

Card Flip Transition
  1. Adjust settings
  2. Click Download Fusion Animation .setting file
  3. Open a new fusion composition and Drag the .setting file into the fusion node area.
  4. Connect Top Media to MediaTop
  5. Connect Bottom Media to MediaBottom
  6. Don't for get to select the mediaOut node to see the animation in fusion
Not required... BUT if you use the generator in a video, would appreciate a mention of my youtube channel. OR... Just let me know what you did with it. I would love to see how you used the generator!

  • Flip Sequence: Zooms randomly between different words
  • Flip Direction: Zooms in sequentially between words
Rows Columns
Cols Rows
Flip Time Number of frames for the flipping each rectangle
Flip Delay Delay for starting next rectangle flip animation
Flip Scale Zoom in or out when animating a rectangle. Scale 1=100&, .7=70%
Pivot X Pivot point for x rotation
Pivot Y Pivot point for Y rotation.