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Just Stretch Effect

Timeline Effect to stretch images or text.  Use for transitions and animations.

YouTube Tutorial

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Power Grid
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3D Text Zoom
Card Flip Transition
Shape Shifter
Bullet List
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Dynamic Line Colors

Learn THREE different ways to dynamically adjust colors based on distance between two moving points.


Fun With Particles

Fun experiements wtih particles for text animations and reveals.

Tutorial Download

Text Morph Experiment

Animate Express / Easy Animations

Drag drop animations, quick and easy. Setup complex animations quickly without keyframes.  

Tutorial   Download


Highlight & Shape Mask Effect

Awesome Masking and Highlight/Zoom FREE Effects

Tutorial   Download Effects


Just Grid Transition

Customizable Grid Transition

Tutorial Download

Power Grid Generator

Drag drop animations, quick and easy. Setup complex animations quickly without keyframes.  

Tutorial   Create Power Grid


JustGlitch Effect

Easy timeline gltich effect for images, video clips and text.

Tutorial Download

Pop - Split - Flip

Quick and easy to use pop in/out effect, split effect and page flip transitions.

Tutorial  Download Effects

Popup Text Box

New title style to create animated popup text boxes.  Drag drop from the timeline in Davinci Resovle 17

Tutorial   Download Popup Text Effect


CRAZY Shape Shifter

Learn masking and how to create shapes.  Make animations with the shape shifter.

Tutorial   Download


Slide Panel / Zoom

Automatically create sliding information panels and zoom effects with no KeyFrames!

Tutorial   Download Auto Effects


Text ZOOM Transition

Quick and easy Zoom throught text transitions.

Tutorial  Download


Dashed Lines / Map

Easy create an animated dashed line effect and travel map animation



Slide Panel BTS

Slide Panel Effect Behind the scenes, Setup / Controls / Animate

Tutorial Part 1   Tutorial Part 2

Download Effects


Gooey Text Animation

Easy text morph animation and overcome your fear of advanced fusion and animation.

Tutorial   Download


Hypnotic Animations

Create circle and spiral animations in Davinci Resolve Fusion using the Fast Noise Node.



Card Flip Generator (FUSION)

Generate a card flip transition for Fusion.

View Tutorial  Launch Generator


Bullet List (FUSION)

Download the animated fusion bullet list settings.

View Tutorial  Download


Clip Border Animations (FUSION)

Download the animated borders fusion settings.

View Tutorial  Download


Split Reveal (Fusion Macro)

Split/Reveal Animation Tutorial & Macro

Tutorial Fusion Download


Into Logo Tutorial

INTRO Text Animation TUTORIAL & Walk through


Multi-Clip Animate, Align & More

Select multiple clips and edit to speed your workflow.



All About Expressions (FUSION)

Download the expression counter fusion settings.

View Tutorial  Fusion Settings

Expression Cheat Sheet


Easy Slice Intro Animation (keyframes)

Learn the basics of the Davinci Resolve Fusion keyframe editor and how to easily create repeatable sequences for your fusion animations. Setup a 9 slice intro animation using keyframe groups.

Tutorial Fusion Download


3D Text Zoom Generator (FUSION)

Quickly generate a 3D text zoom animation for Davinci Resolve Fusion.  Cusotmize the animation with your own words, adjust timing and animation settings.  FOUR aniamtion styles to choose from : Random Word Zoom, Word Zoom In, Word Zoom Out and Fly Through Words.

View Tutorial  Launch Generator

I am THIRSTY, Animation, Tracking, Expressions Tutorial | Davinci Resolve Fusion

Learn how to use point tracking and expressions to effect animations and clip direction/timing in Davinci Resolve Fusion.