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William Justice (BIll)

My name is William Justice. I have always had a huge interest in filmmaking but have never really known what to film. With only a small amount of experience, I really want to improve my skills. The only way to improve is by doing. I set up this channel to create videos about the process of learning how to be a better filmmaker.

On this channel I am going to cover all topics related to learning filmmaking. My goal is to come up with unique ideas and learn how to make them happen. This includes learning video equipment, story creation, video editing with Davinci Resolve and whatever it takes to create compelling content.. As I create more videos, I am going to discuss the lessons I have learned and mistakes that I have made.

This channel is for anyone interested in filmmaking. You may find new things to learn, get new ideas or even see what it is like for someone trying to figure out what to do.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my channel. Please subscribe and comment!