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Davinci Resolve / 3D Text Zoom Generator

3D Text Zoom Generator
  1. Enter text - Each word/phrase on a new line
  2. Choose animation style
  3. Adjust settings
  4. Click Download Fusion Animation .setting file
  5. Open a new fusion composition and Drag the .setting file into the fusion node area.
  6. Don't for get to select the mediaOut node to see the animation in fusion
Not required... BUT if you use the generator in a video, would appreciate a mention of my youtube channel. OR... Just let me know what you did with it. I would love to see how you used the generator!
Zoom frames 
Wait frames 
Wait Dist 
X Range
Y Range
Z Range
Zoom Animation Settings 

  • Random Word: Zooms randomly between different words
  • Word Zoom IN: Zooms in sequentially between words
  • Word Zoom OUT: Zooms out sequentially between words
  • Fly Through Words: Single fly through all the words.
Rotate Words Randomly rotates words 90 degrees
Zoom Frames Time/Frames to zoom in on each word.
Wait Frames Time/Frames to pause on each word before zooming to next word.
Wait Dist Zoomed in distance when showing a word.
Duplicates How many duplicate words to create for each word. More duplicates will fill the spaces between words, but can also slow down your animation.
X,Y,Z Ranges Set the 3D space for the animation. Smaller ranges will put words closer together. Larger ranges will put more space between the words.
Word Spacing Set the Z depth between each of the words.
Fly Time Time/Frames for passing through the word animation.